Coloured PLANKS (200 kit)


200 PLANKS in colour are for younger builders, the opportunity to engage with bright stimulating colours and for older builders the added element of “painting” with structure.

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PLANKS are dynamic building blocks designed to inspire creative minds. Totally inclusive, PLANKS encourage a wonderful mix of creativity and skill, social development and imagination.

Sustainably cut from New Zealand Plantation Pine, PLANKS are precisely identical in shape and size, long enough to counter balance and thin enough to stack to allow for a myriad of possibility.

PLANKS are rectangular prism, technical construction blocks which employ only gravity and friction to create a wide range of structures.

Participants can build to an impressive height or create sophisticated bridges, 3D shapes and more.

PLANKS are for everyone. From young ones to grandparents and everyone in between, PLANKS are a great family activity, fostering connection, communication and most of all, fun.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 28 × 21 × 23 cm


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