PLANKS are dynamic building blocks designed to inspire creative minds. Totally inclusive, PLANKS encourage a wonderful mix of creativity and skill, social development and imagination.

The flexibility of our PLANKS’ rectangular prism shape and Green Hat Workshop’s philosophy of self directed, play-based learning, provides opportunities for all abilities to participate and to challenge themselves at their own level, enabling participants to simply stack towers of impressive height or to create sophisticated cantilever bridges, 3D shapes and more.

PLANKS at home allow children to deeply engage with their constructions over time, to build things simply to watch them fall and fail, or repeat the same patterns over and over; learning resilience and flexibility while practicing fine motor skills, engineering and problem solving.

Larger PLANKS kits mean family events will never be the same again. Intergenerational play creates long lasting memories just as the PLANKS themselves will form the foundation of your families’ legacy collection of toys, ready for future generations to explore and discover. The only limits are your imagination.



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