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Imagine a hall filled with students of different ages and abilities, ALL working together to create and solve their own engineering challenges.

-Welcome to a Green Hat Workshop PLANKS Incursion.

You may have recently experienced the magic of working side-by-side with your class-mates, building with Green Hat Workshop’s collection of 1,000s of PLANKS construction blocks, or your child has returned from school and you are trying to work out what it was that they did today and why they were ‘playing’ at school.

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Green Hat Workshop tailor creative, play-based experiences to any situation, running and participating in various events throughout the year. We specialise in play-based programs where participants of all ages and abilities participate simultaneously.


PLANKS Parties

Due to popular demand Green Hat Workshop now run PLANKS parties. These can be children’s parties or larger events for friends and extended family. Our facilitators display the potential of PLANKS and are on hand to offer suggestions and ideas for construction and to facilitate creative play. We can operate as a ‘drop-in’ activity or as the main focus of the party. We do not run challenges or competitions. PLANKS Parties have a base fee of $400 and include a 100 Natural PLANKS kit.

A travel levy is applied to distances over an hour from Melbourne.

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Green Hat Workshop PH: +61 (0) 421 383 174 E: booking@greenhatworkshop.com PO Box 543, Blackburn, 3130 Victoria, Australia

Green Hat Workshop

At Green Hat Workshop we believe in a life of playful experimentation and constant engagement with the elements of our world. We are dedicated to providing workshops and products that foster lifelong learning and creatively inspire all ages.

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