‘Learning-through-Play’ Casual Facilitator, $30 p/hr


Thanks so much for being interested in working as a Green Hat Workshop Facilitator.


We are looking for keen casual staff for:

School Incursions, Holiday Programs / Out of School Hours  Workshops in Metropolitan Melbourne and occasionally in regional Victoria.


Facilitating Block-Play, with our ‘PLANKS by Green Hat Workshop’,

Loose Parts Play with Nüdel Kart

and in our developing program of creative, play-based activities.


Single Staff member required – Various casual shifts available.

A Facilitator drives a manual van from Blackburn to the event location and independently manages logistics of setup and pack-up,

interacts with students and teachers and delivers an incursion activity

consistent with Green Hat Workshop’s philosophy of consolidating learning through play.

This position includes paid training.


Album of PLANKS Workshop images (HERE)


Applications Close

29th March 2022, 5pm

Grow your skills working with people

Rewarding and Creative Work

Diverse opportunties

Working in exciting environments


Green Hat Workshop is a small Melbourne based company with a philosophy that values multi-age, self-directed, play-based activity with abundant, impermanent, component pieces and who run workshops in schools, offices, and markets, at festivals, conferences and libraries across Australia.

At Green Hat Workshop we believe in a life of playful experimentation and constant engagement with the elements of our world. We are dedicated to providing workshops and products that foster lifelong learning and creatively inspire all ages.

Green Hat Workshop’s daily programs, around Victoria, include school incursions with our collection of ‘PLANKS by Green Hat Workshop’, a plank-type, technical, construction block, that lends itself to Science, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as well as interpersonal skills. We are also Victoria’s provider of Nüdel Kart incursions.

Please note,

  • Your work will NOT involve selling products. 
  • Payment is $30 p/hr.
  • Minimum of 3 hours per shift.
  • Includes two way travel to venues from Blackburn in Melbourne’s East.
  • Venues are generally in Melbourne’s Metro and fringe districts.
  • Weekend loading and holiday pay is NOT available for this event specific, casual role. Shifts are often designated weeks in advance.


Stages of hiring process and staff development:

  • Show your interest (fill out the form below)
  • Zoom interview with Cam (General Manager)
  • Ride-along (paid $25 p/hr observation)
  • Training (work with our facilitators)
  • Tier One Facilitator (up to 40 bookings at $30 p/hr)
  • Tier Two Facilitator ($35 p/hr)
  • Further loading may include training staff, developing additional programs, contributing to social media or publications, and linking programs and resources to curriculum.

Selection Criteria


  • Able to present to large groups,
  • Hold a manual drivers license and
  • working with children check and vaccination certificate,
  • able to work independently and
  • work confidently in busy, child orientated environments,
  • good with people of all ages,
  • creative and willing to learn how to build specific structures with PLANKS blocks and develop the delivery of different programs
  • able to move multiple 16kg boxes,
  • able to record images of events,
  • available for paid training and for a FaceTime, Zoom or Skype interview.



  • Flexible time availability
  • Ability to ‘look outside the box’ and with empathy of different perspectives
  • Leadership experience in child-centered environments


General Conditions

  • Adhere to correct management of personal and professional boundaries
  • Act at all times with respect to everyone (in regards to age, ability, religion, race, gender identification, sexuality and nationality without exception).
  • Comply with Green Hat Workshop’s Health and Safety policies and sign and comply with our child-safe policy.
  • Weekend and holiday pay is not available for this casual role.