Let Green Hat Workshop create School Activities and School Incursions, for student wellbeing and STEM curriculum outcomes, in your primary or secondary school.

We deliver creative and engaging school holiday programs and family evenings.

We also offer professional development for teachers, consultation on school engagement and student wellbeing for school communities.

Incursions engaging up to 100 participants of all ages and abilities



  and creative engineering.













.    .   .    .  .


Our memorable, creative STEAM Workshops come to you.

No bus hire, entry fees or permission slips –  easy to organise.

Our Education Manager will co-create a program to fit your planning, student interests or topic. Our resources are open ended and adaptable to any HASS, STEM, interpersonal skills, co-operative or student well-being needs you may require.

Workshops may be delivered as:

  • A single session with up to 100 participants of all ages,
  • A full day with students and then a family evening,
  • A “drop-in” activity for a school-wide event,
  • A series of sessions, weekly over a term, semester or year
  • A holiday program


At Green Hat Workshop we pride ourselves on running

  • the most engaging school incursion program,
  • for the largest number of students in one session,
  • for the widest range of abilities
  • for the most extended length of time.

Please contact us any time.



80 or less participants

Two Hours - $450

Full day of workshops - $800


Single school day | multiple groups

81 - 250 Participants $10 pp. inc.GST

251+ Participants $6 pp. inc.GST


Family evening (1 hr. flat rate)

$600 / $500 if run with a daytime incursion


Cancellations within two weeks of the incursion date will be charged at 50% of the incursion cost.
Cancellations within 48 hours of the incursion date will be charged at 100% of the incursion cost.
Cancellations resulting from State or Federal health requirements and COVID-19 response has no charge.
*Travel levy & overnight fees may apply to locations outside metropolitan Melbourne
**Teacher professional development, collaborative school projects and parent talks quoted separately.



by Green Hat Workshop

Construction activity  drawing on STEM and Interpersonal skills, focusing on forces and movement.

Explore the magic of blocks and discover the thrill of a large scale creative construction experience with Green Hat Workshop’s longest running incursion, PLANKS.

Learn some key engineering tips and tricks from our facilitators before embarking on an extraordinary experience of shared construction.

PLANKS are open ended, creative and engaging for all ages.


(Detail HERE)
  • Forces & movement
  • Pattern, ratios, mapping, 
  • Speaking & listening, resiliance, growth mindset


Nüdel Kart 

by Playground Ideas

Unique STEM-Play experience of innovation and creative play through the use of loose parts

Experience the thrill of engaged innovation, co-operative design and social play with this unique mobile ‘Loose Parts’ play system. Be inspired by your students’ excitement at the opportunity to share the iterative process, resources and to cooperatively design, test and play.

Nüdel Kart loose parts engage the highest forms of thinking and interaction such as creativity, problem solving, social skills and emotional intelligence.

Loose parts play and Nüdel Kart support STEAM learning through authentic engagement in real world challenges.


(Detail HERE)
  • Design thinking, materials for purpose,
  • Speaking & listening,
  • Resiliance, growth mindset, interpersonal skills, negotiation.



by Green Hat Workshop

Playtime event for the whole school – Includes Teacher PD

Our PARTS school incursion program is a great way to introduce the concept of ‘loose parts’ play to your school community.

Most effective within a collaborative, inclusive and rights-based educational setting, Green Hat Workshop’s PARTS incursion program cuts sedentary behaviour, improves creativity, encourages mixed age, mixed gender, self-directed, imaginative, open-ended play, a growth mindset and interpersonal skill development, encourages rule and game making, as well as the consolidation of STEM learning and creative problem solving in real world contexts, all while supporting cognitive processes, co-ordination and positive school yard social interactions.

PARTS by Green Hat Workshop inspires a dynamic alternative to sports and fixed play equipment in the school yard and our reflective practice, child-centered approach and structured implementation ensures PARTS can have an ongoing value to your school community.

Our incursion includes a one hour teacher briefing and is staffed by a trained and experienced play-worker, covered by our own insurance and engineered to provide an optimum ‘loose parts’ play experience for your entire school student population, all ages, all at once.

Venue Requirements – PLANKS

The most appropriate building surface is a flat, even, indoor one, with trolley access and large enough to contain 50cm2 or more for each participant.
This activity is not run within multiple spaces but takes place in a single location per booking. Multiple locations are viewed as multiple bookings and will be billed accordingly.
Access is required up to an hour prior to the workshop; shorter setup times are negotiable but may impact on the workshop.

Workshop Formats

The Green Hat Workshop Team of Facilitators are open to all manner of workshops for different purposes and work hard to personalise their presentation, timing and format to the needs of the participants in front of them at each event, rather than strictly keeping to a set plan.

The most valuable aspect of each workshop is the period of time where participants are engaged in free open ended play. During this time our Facilitators work hard to open up the potential learning in the activity through demonstration, question and prompted reflection.

Following are the focus and design of some of the workshops we have facilitated.

Parent Mathematics evenings – Whole Family open ended play

A series of workshops from after morning play, then an hour and a half open play workshop in the evening with parents; sometimes with a presentation introduction or conclusive reflection that outlines the value of open ended block play in Mathematical Development.

STEM / STEAM & Interpersonal Skills  -Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics

Introduction and examples, warm up challenges, Free build, Reflection, Clean up.

MAV partnerships – Whole school focus with The Mathematical Association of Victoria

A PLANKS workshop as part of a series of Mathematical Activities. Book through MAV.

HASS – Humanities and Social Studies

– A full day of city and infrastructure design with a final city building workshop.
– A conclusion to a unit of work on geography and history using the PLANKS to recreate famous historical buildings and land-marks from around the world.
Creative Celebration
Short intro and long build. Just for fun.. and education. Often at the end of the school year, at a school celebration, camp or special day.

Workshop Timing

Our facilitators prefer longer periods of time with more participants.

Optimum time frames are 1.5 to 2 hours for a workshop with up to 100 participants.
We understand however that timetables are often quite inflexible and we regulary compromise in this regard. We hope that teachers consider booking workshops for two days over the decision to compress a workshop into an hour, as the authentic, self-driected learning of the workshop is reduced.
Depending on the dynamic of each group, we suggest the timing for

Foundation and Grade 1 students is optimally 1-1.5 hours.

Sample timetables:
Example 1 & 2 are our preferred

Timetable 1

9 – 10.40am

4 grades (76 Students).
11.10 – 12.50 (82 Students)
1.50 – 3.30 (95 Students)

Timetable 2

9 – 11am (105 Students)
11.30 – 1.30pm (98 Students)
2.30 – 3.30pm (F/G.6 Buddy program or a different group in the school)

Timetable 3 (50min – 1 hr)
9.15 – 10.05am
10.05 – 11
11.30 – 12.30
1.30 – 2.30
2.30 – 3.30

Early Years and PLANKS

Our PLANKS incursions in kindergartens are often prompted by a group of super-builders who will stack and design with anything that is not nailed down. In this instance our incursions are an event in celebration of this creativity and often begin with a whole group and finish only with these dedicated engineers.


A PLANKS incursion can elevate construction in your room and provide the children (especially the engineers of the group) with a lot of possibilities for their block play, sometimes creating an almost ecstatic atmosphere.
We do however suggest that the purchase of a box of PLANKS is more cost effective for early years services, over the investment in an incursion. We suggest this because purchased PLANKS enrich your ongoing play provision rather than potentially creating an expectation that children need to engage with a single activity over an extended period of time. Developmentally speaking, and as a generalisation, many of these children will probably spend about 40 minutes playing with the PLANKS and then look for the sand-pit or the painting easels, as this is the natural ‘cadence’ of their play cycle. We prefer to work within this natural cycle rather than imposing ourselves on top of it. I hope that knowing these are our values that we are able to tailor an incursion that is most suitable for your service.


We also love Kindergarten Parents’ Evenings and some of our most memorable experiences have been facilitating authentic play between parent and child.


Cam (our Education Manager) is also available for parent’s afternoons/evenings and also has experience running father’s evening discussions on what play is, how to support it and how best to play with your child. This is followed by a period of play and discussion. A father himself and experienced educator, Cam facilitates topics of discussion while the minds of those in attendance are partialy focussed on PLANKS construction.

Different Abilities, Specialist Schools and PLANKS

The open ended nature of Green Hat PLANKS Workshops are one of a rare type of incursion which produces a challenging and creative atmosphere for every ability*.

PLANKS are intrinsically engaging for every participant at their optimum competence, without measurement, formal rules or external expectations. They can be positioned, stacked and balanced in as many ways as there are builders and the component nature of PLANKS means that repetitive stacking or patterning leads to outcomes that are just as exciting as more sophisticated engineering.


While our facilitators are not formally trained in special needs education, our partnership with many specialist groups and schools has led to some of our most memorable work. We regularly receive feedback from specialist aides and Primary School Classroom Teachers that exceptional social development occurs during PLANKS play, with ALL of their students.


As our Facilitators work with an understanding of Piaget’s Constructivist theories of cognitive development and Green Hat Workshop’s core value of working with the people in front of us, rather than to a “turn-key” preprepared plan, we are highly adaptable to the communities we work within.

How we work

About our Pedagogy

Inspired by Melbourne’s progressive schooling movement of the 1960s and influenced by the field of Playwork, Green Hat Workshop emphasise a play-based, participant led, activity model, where possible. We create and provide resources and environments that first and foremost authentically engage participants and engender fun and play.

We acknowledge that we are in partnership with our participants during our workshops, enabling and encouraging their natural instinct to play with pattern, aesthetics, order and symmetry, representations of narrative and the world around them, shelter & cubby building and role play as well as comparison and intrinsic challenge.

Green Hat Workshop’s approach is to work within existing school cultures and public spaces to empower natural curiosity and creativity in all ages, with as few instructions and rules as possible, thereby engaging all participants at their own level of cognitive and physical ability, be they adult or child, neurotypical or diverse.

We do not write programs that emphasise content or specify a valued outcome but rather value authentic participant-lead programs that provide environments optimum for shared creativity.

Green Hat Workshop provide simple, abundant, impermanent resources where possible, as we believe this encourages individuals to experiment, share and explore.

We believe:

  • Engagement comes first
  • We think our way into maturity and successful skill adoption
  • Children come to us with knowledge
  • Self-directed play is the best way to learn
  • Humans learn when they are ready and cannot be compelled to do so
  • The goal of every teacher is to become obsolete*



PLANKS are dynamic building blocks designed to inspire creative minds. Identical in size and shape, and cut precisely from 100% New Zealand plantation pine, PLANKS are specifically proportioned so that,with the help of gravity and a little imagination, you can build, boats, castles, animals and robots… or even a spiralling staircase to the moon. Totally inclusive, PLANKS encourage a wonderful mix of creativity and skill, social development and imagination.

PLANKS are dynamic building blocks designed to inspire creative minds. Totally inclusive, PLANKS encourage a wonderful mix of creativity and skill, social development and imagination.

The flexibility of our PLANKS’ rectangular prism shape and Green Hat Workshop’s philosophy of self directed, play-based learning, provides opportunities for all abilities to participate and to challenge themselves at their own level, enabling participants to simply stack towers of impressive height or to create sophisticated cantilever bridges, 3D shapes and more.

Green Hat PLANKS Workshops offer an abundance of PLANKS, promoting the opportunity to share and celebrate diverse expressions of creativity, Mathematics, Engineering, interpersonal skills and resilience.

Nüdel Kart 4
Nüdel Kart 4

Nüdel Kart

Nüdel Kart is a deconstructable, mobile play kart that can be reconfigured in endless ways to encourage self-directed learning. It contains research-backed specially selected materials to stimulate children’s development


Green Hat Workshop source and curate our Loose Parts ‘Elements‘ from the scrap of assorted industries, notably safety, construction, retail and manufacturing, as well as from hobby and sports clubs.

Our elements are critically assessed for safety, durability and with no inherent play value.


Purchase Now

Buy PLANKS now using a credit or debit card, via Paypal

1,000 PLANKS

in stackable tub

Nudel Kart Enquiry

‘no frills’ – 200 natural PLANKS

(Nothing but the PLANKS)


(Includes branded packaging and stimulous booklet)

200 natural PLANKS

(Includes branded packaging and stimulous booklet)

‘no frills’ – 200 coloured PLANKS

(Nothing but the PLANKS)

100 PLANKS in colour

(Includes branded packaging and stimulous booklet)

200 PLANKS in colour

(Includes branded packaging and stimulous booklet)

What Teachers say…

What Schools say...

The Cheshire staff were so impressed with you and your approach to our students and we would like for you to come to our school next term and potentially each term after.

Ainslie Lamb-McCallum
- Education Support Cheshire Specialist School
Yet again, your PLANKS workshop has been one of the most successful family nights our school has run.
We had parents, students and staff all engaged in hands on learning across many curriculum areas.
The rich language associated with STEAM was being used throughout.
Anne Ablinger
Number Intervention Teacher
F-3 Maths Leader
Holy Eucharist Primary School
Thanks again for our incursion last week the kids loved it and have all said it’s the best incursion they have ever had!!

Danielle Harvey
Level 4 Teacher
Antonio Park Primary School
As a middle school group (15 year olds) we have participated in Green Hat Workshop PLANKS building over the past 4 years.  Cameron catered for our more capable students and made modifications to enable our high needs students to participate. It is an activity that our group of students look forward to each year.

Patricia Glenane
Ballarat Specialist School
We all had a fantastic time, students were so engaged and excited by the possibilities the PLANKS provided them. It was great to see every student participating in their own way and learning from each other.
The whole process has been very straightforward and professional. Congratulations on your provision of such a great incursion.
Deb Nugent
Wooranna Primary School,
It was our largest Family Maths Night for years and the parents took construction to another level with their children.
Thank you for being so accommodating to our needs and so easy to work with.
Lalor East Primary School thanks you for coming and bringing hands on Maths and Science to us in such a fun, open way.
Heather Campbell
Lalor East Primary School
Numeracy Coordinator
I have no hesitation in recommending Green Hat Workshop and PLANKS if what you are looking for is a creative, intellectual challenge that can readily incorporate team work.
Gayle Townsend
Heatherhill Primary School
One of the best incursions we've had in years.
Lynette Robberts
Principal - Tallarook Primary School

School reports / reviews

“Best Incursion ever”

-Minaret College

(link to story)

” It Was Awesome!!

-St Peter’s, Nth Bendigo

(link to story p.7)

Creativity at Work!!!

-Cana Catholic Primary School Hillside

(link to story)

Hats Off!!

-Lalor Primary School

(link to story)

“Best Incursion Ever”

-Minaret College Part 2

“Creativity, Mathematics, Engineering,
Interpersonal Skills and Resilience”

-St. Elizabeth’s Dandenong

(link to story, P.7)


-Overport Primary School

(link to story p.2)

” Fun Session”

-Pentland Primary School

“Friction and Gravity”

-St Albans Meadows Primary School

” In Awe!”

-Casey Grammar School

Amazing creations!

-Thomastown Primary 

” How We Organise Ourselves”

-Seaford Primary (p.7)

A Great Night Out

-Brighton Grammar School

(scroll for story)

“Respectful and Appreciative Students”

-St Benedict’s PrimarySchool

(Link to story)


At Green Hat Workshop we service many businesses from a variety of industries, we are proud to list the following as past clients:


Aberfeldie Primary School

Albert Street Primary School

Aldercourt Primary School

Antonio Park Primary School

Aspendale Primary School

Ballarat Specialist School

Beaumaris North Primary School

Beaumaris Primary School

Belgrave Heights Christian School

Beth Rivkah Ladies College

Brighton Grammar

Brookside P-9 College

Brunswick South West Primary School

Carisbrook Primary School

Chelsea Heights Primary

Clifton Hill Primary School

Coatesville Primary School

Coburg North Primary School

Cranbourne Park Primary School

Dandenong South Primary School

Each Child Kindergarten

Eaglehawk North Primary School

East Bentleigh Primary School

Emerson School

Emmaus Primary School

Erasmus School

Euroa Primary School

Edithvale Primary School

Fairfield Primary School

Fintona Girls’ School

Fitzroy Community School

Footscray North Primary School

Footscray Primary School

Footscray West Primary School

Forest Hill College

Galilee Primary School

Gisborne Secondary College

Goodstart Early Learning Centre

Heather Hills Primary School

Highton Primary School

Holy Eucharist Primary School

Holy Trinity Catholic PS – Eltham

Hume Anglican Grammar

Huntingtower School

Kilvington Grammar School

Koonung Secondar College

Lalor East Primary School

Lancefield Primary School

Langwarrin Primary School

Loch Primary School

Malvern Valley Primary School

McKinnon Secondary College

Merri Creek Primary

Mill Park Primary School

Minaret College

Moonee Ponds West Primary School

Mornington Park Primary School

Mother Theresa Catholic School

Mount Eliza Primary School

Mt Martha Primary School

Nhill College

Northcote Primary School

Nunawading Christian College

Old Orchard Primary

Overport Primary School

Panton Hill Primary School

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

Pentland Primary School

Preshil School

Princes’ Hill Kindergarten

Princes’ Hill Primary

Regency Park Primary School, Wantirna

Resurrection Primary School

Ringwood Heights Primary School

Ripponlea Primary School

Rosewood Downs Primary School

Sacre Coeur

Sacred Heart Primary School– Newport

Sacred Heart Primary School – Sandringham

Sandringham Primary School

Springvale Park Specialist School

St Agnes Primary School

St Albans Meadows Primary School


And many more…

Camp Quality

Croydon Hills OSH

Girl Guides Victoria

Healesville Country Club

Maroondah City Council – Vacation Care

Merri Creek Primary OSH Club

Campaspe Libraries

City of Boroondara – Library Services

City of Greater Bendigo

City of Greater Dandenong

Port Fairy Agricultural Show Society

The Friendship Circle

Wodonga Children’s Festival

YMCA Eltham

Mirvac Builders

Lend Lease Builders

Eastern Regional Libraries

Hume City Council (Libraries)

Eltham Library

Heide Museum

 Australian Catholic Uni

Deakin University eSolutions

Mathematics Association of Victoria (MAV)

Museum Victoria

Appleby Real Estate Agents (Knox)

Shire of Campaspe – Library

Yarra Libraries

Yarra Ranges City Council

ACT Govt. City Renewal Authority

In The Media

Our Staff

Cam Lee

Education and Operations Manager

With 20+ years experience teaching in Primary Schools and educative enterprises across Australia and in the United Kingdom, Cam has been a science communicator, run exploratory mathematics centres, woodwork areas and worked as a classroom teacher and science specialist from Kindergarten to grade 6. Cam’s work at Green Hat Workshop is as administrator, trainer, pedagogista and facilitator, speaking to parents and teachers at kindergartens and primary schools about play and blocks, and also developing and researching new programs.


If you would like to join Cam in discussion, he can be accessed through the following:



Tyler Sudholz

Tyler Sudholz

PLANKS Facilitator


Tyler brings his background in STEM to his role as a facilitator at Green Hat Workshop.

While he was studying science at uni, Tyler developed an interest in science communication and education which he has been able to combine with his creative instincts and skills in working with young people to deliver our PLANKS workshops.

Andrew Raffael

Andrew Raffael

PLANKS & Play Facilitator

Kathryn Anderson

Kathryn Anderson

PLANKS Facilitator

Tal Sardone

Tal Sardone

PLANKS Facilitator

About the role of Facilitator

Artist, science communicator, assistant, demonstrator, teacher, playworker and psychologist all rolled into one, Facilitation at Green Hat Workshop can be equal parts understanding curriculum, Playwork theory and cognitive development. Safety and the independence of the workshop participant is the priority, in some situations however Facilitators scaffold potential uses for resources, create environments where creative challenges are accessible for all ages, support participants’ own ideas, manage hazards and help out when needed, preferably without directing or controlling. We provide opportunities for creative expression linked to practical learning and within the constraints of timetable and environments of our clients and their institutions.