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Discover the joy of building with identically shaped PLANKS construction blocks.

Precisely cut from sustainably farmed Pine Wood.

Stack and balance PLANKS to test your fine motor skills and challenge your ability to cantilever and create structural bridging patterns.

Interactive desktop ornament Display a few PLANKS on your desk and balance them in different ways. Applying yourself to meditative balancing challenges while you work.

Bring play back in to your life with this temporary art form that employs creativity, fine motor skills, basic engineering and more.

Loved Australia wide for their ability to capture the creative spirit through their simplicity, PLANKS by Green Hat Workshop inspire engagement by offering the question “What can I do with such a basic shape?” … the answers are endless.

We are Green Hat Workshop

We Inspire Creative Minds

Green Hat Workshop are dedicated to providing workshops and products that foster lifelong learning and creatively inspire all ages. Emphasising self-directed, play-based activity and the use of simple resources, Green Hat Workshop have been promoting creativity in local communities, schools, universities and corporate settings since 2008.

Why Blocks?

Creative Engineering play for all ages.

Sturdy and long lasting, PLANKS by Green Hat Workshop will be the backbone of your family heirloom toy collections. PLANKS will create the house or the farm layout, the tower or the castle for the latest toys of your children’s children.  In your children’s adult hands they will sum up fond memories of their own play and re-ignite the creative urge from deep within to test themselves once more, with balance and shape, the smooth shapely form of each block a reminder of shared play and competition, as much as their deeply personal relationship to shape and form that is a characteristic of all child-hood block enthusiasts.


The Green Hat Workshop Team are here to help you with more information, answer any questions you may have about our PLANKS or Workshops and to work with you in tailoring a program to your needs.

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Green Hat Workshop

At Green Hat Workshop we believe in a life of playful experimentation and constant engagement with the elements of our world. We are dedicated to providing workshops and products that foster lifelong learning and creatively inspire all ages.
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