Appearing in school-yards, local parks and city centers Australia-wide, PARTS by Green Hat Workshop are collections of multi-affordance ‘variables’, more commonly known as “Loose Parts” or even “Curated Junk“.

“Found” and manufactured loose PARTS offer a huge range of potential skills, and ways of thinking to learners and play-ers of all ages.

Play is an essential part of health and well being, developing cognition, physical ability and consolidating a broad variety of thinking styles and learning outcomes.

In an effort to re-create the sense of creative wonder and potential experienced by generations of children who accompanied their parents to the local rubbish tip or shared extended time with other children in disused urban spaces, Green Hat Workshop Facilitators have curated PARTS in order to provide a range of weight, volume, density, shapes and textures to encourage a range of multi-age play-types.

Benefits of PARTS on the school ground

  • Increasing student’s capacity and readiness for learning and including increased oral literacy
  • Increased levels of creative and imaginitive play
  • Curriculum outcomes occur through informal, self-directed  play with loose parts (Wagland 2015)
  • Seeing a reduction in anxiety associated with the playground and subsequintly returning to the classroom happier and more open to learn
  • Improved critical and problem-solving skills
  • Increase in variations and expression of physical activity for more students
  • Social inclusion and resiliance building: small and large, mixed age and mixed gender play
  • Risk – encourages students to asses and manage risks for themselves
  • Reduction in yard incidents and children’s complaints: increased negotiation and sophisication of interpersonal skills
  • Schools valuing the role of play at school and meeting children’s play needs and their right to play.
  • Increased parent and community engagement in the children’s freely chosen and self directed activities during playtime.

What are Loose PARTS?

Loose Parts are resources that can be moved from place to place and have the capacity for variable uses.

Loose parts afford the user the ability to move and mix.

An object with many affordances is an effective loose part.

Some affordances of a tyre for example are that it rolls, stacks, has weight, has an enclosed inner and a patterned outer surface, is flexible, and has a wide opening.


Good loose parts are expendable and are subservient to children’s play.

What is ‘Loose Parts’ Philosophy?

‘PARTS’ School Resource

by Green Hat Workshop

PARTS incursion:

  • One Day or One week of PARTS play
  • Recess/Lunch-time PARTS Incursion
  • Information session for staff
  • Student information session
  • Trained Playworker in attendance

One Day: $1,300 $500

Five Days: $3,000 $1,000

*Introductory price available in 2020

*Travel levy applies to regional bookings

Our PARTS school incursion program is a great way to introduce the concept of ‘loose parts’ play to your school community.

Most effective within a collaborative, inclusive and rights-based educational setting, Green Hat Workshop’s PARTS incursion program cuts sedentary behaviour, improves creativity, encourages mixed age, mixed gender, self-directed, imaginative, open-ended play, a growth mindset and interpersonal skill development, encourages rule and game making, as well as the consolidation of STEM learning and creative problem solving in real world contexts, all while supporting cognitive processes, co-ordination and positive school yard social interactions.

PARTS by Green Hat Workshop inspires a dynamic alternative to sports and fixed play equipment in the school yard and Green Hat Workshop’s reflective practice, child-centered approach and structured implementation ensures PARTS can have an ongoing value to your school community.

Our incursion includes a one hour teacher briefing and is staffed by a trained and experienced play-worker, covered by our own insurance and engineered to provide an optimum ‘loose parts’ play experience for your entire school student population, all ages, all at once.

School PARTS Consultation:

  • Professional Development for staff
  • Information session for parents
  • Training/Advice resourcing parts
  • Assistance with school policy / paperwork

Starting at $2,000

Our ‘loose parts’ school consultation program enables school communities to draw on the significant experience of Green Hat Workshop and our partners to best ensure an independent, successful, safe and long-term loose parts program.

Helping develop culture, provide relevant training, enagage and effectively communicate with school communities ensuring best practice, optimum balance of risk and benefit, as well as school-yard play experience for a program that will bring unparalleled benefits to school-yard culture, school engagement, social cohesion.

A PARTS implementation contract includes:

  • Consultancy and support
  • Training & Play Mentoring
  • Year’s subscription of PARTS appropriate to the number of children in the setting.
  • Introductory lunch-time PARTS Incursion
  • Student information session
  • Provision of, or support with establishing suitable storage.


*A Travel Levy applies to regional and interstate.

Our school based ‘loose parts’ pod program not only includes sturdy,  mutli-use pieces that will grow to be a vital and exciting part of the playground culture of your school but also an introductory program which includes staff and student information and consultation sessions.



Green Hat Workshop also offer PARTS storage solutions so that schools can be up and running with a PARTS program as fast as possible.



A pop-up ‘Loose Parts’ Playground and more…

by Green Hat Workshop

More information about our Play Republic HERE.

The PLAY REPUBLIC appears at local parks and city centers Australia-wide. Green Hat Workshop’s PLAY REPUBLIC is a collection of our best creative activities with our PARTS program at its core.

Sponsored by local councils, festivals, charities and interest groups, The PLAY REPUBLIC by Green Hat Workshop provides an all inclusive self-directed play experience that activates spaces and engages all ages for hours of play of different types.

Including all relevant due-diligence, insurance and staffing, The PLAY REPUBLIC seeks to provide an all inclusive self-directed play experience in public spaces and at events nation-wide. Our team of trained facilitators practice within a Playworker sensibility to provide a space where children can be themselves and engage in “deep play” of a type that is developmental, social and creative in nature. We believe this work to be the most valuable contribution that we make to Australian society.

Activities in The Park – Shepparton

Presented by Shepparton City Council, ‘Get Mooving’ program

Quotes and Queries

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  • Your school/Council location?
  • Background information

We have a range of options for storage and support depending on your community’s needs.


PARTS by Green Hat Workshop - Quotes and Questions

What is Loose Parts philosophy?


Addressing a child’s natural inclination to gather, to order, to make patterns, to mix and join things in unlikely and unconventional ways, and also the deep human need to affect the environment around us, loose parts philosophy has been around for as long as adults have bothered to reflect on how children play. Educators have, for many years, placed significant value in resources that can be moved and mixed, as they offer highly beneficial opportunities for children to grow their understandings of the properties of objects and how they interact in the natural world – consolidating understandings of, and comparisons between, weight, density, texture, movement, volume, quantity, shape, space, pattern and more.

Arguably the most important loose parts philosophy was penned by Simon Nicholson in the 70’s and moves past education, considering instead the natural state of the human organism and its ever decreasing agency in a society dominated by manufactured goods and increasingly surrounded by artificial and constructed environments over which they have no affect. (Read the original HERE)

Nicholson’s philosophy provides a framework that specifically encourages the basic human need to change and adapt the immediate environment.

Sharing the experience of mucking about with stuff gives children a sense of their own creativity and ability to design, make and test useful objects, use tools, share ideas and turn imagination into creative results.

‘Play’ is important, particularly this type of play.