On this page you can find some challenges, games and inspiration images for PLANKS and PLANKS in Colour.

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Natural PLANKS by Green Hat Workshop

PLANKS in Colour by Green Hat Workshop

Challenges for you and your PLANKS

The Perilous Pier

How far can you build out from the edge of a table?

The Tallest Post

How many PLANKS can you stand end-on-end?

Careful Balance

Start by placing down a single PLANK. 

What’s the greatest number of PLANKS that you can build on top of this PLANK?

Does changing the orientation of the initial PLANK affect this?

Games with your PLANKS

The Toppling Tower

2-4 players, using PLANKS in Colour

Each player picks a colour to build with. Take one PLANK of each colour in play and lie them down side by side, this is the base you’ll be building on.

Take it in turns to build a tower up from the base. You can place the PLANKS anywhere on the structure and on any of the faces of the PLANKS.

Whichever coloured PLANK is the highest peak of the tower before it topples is the winning colour for that round.

Higher or Stronger

Place down a square base of 5 PLANKS side to side.

Now take it it turns to roll a die to determine how you build up from your base, if you roll a:

  • 1 or 4 – place a PLANK on its long, narrow face
  • 3 or 6 – place a PLANK on its large, broad face
  • 2 or 5 – place a PLANK on its smallest face, upright
The Blind Crane Driver

Also known as The Blind Banksman (A Banksman is the person who directs a crane driver).

Played with two players. Both players sit where they cannot see each other’s building.
The Banksman builds a simple structure and then takes 5 minutes to tell the ‘Blind Crane Driver’ how to build it.

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