Playful Endeavour Staff HUB 


Pre-Event Meeting/ Working Bee Agenda


Things to be stored outside

Chain is in the bucket (to the left, behind of the large spool)
Locks in pink “locks and keys box” in the  ‘tool box’ drawer. (outlined in Blue)

  • Cable spools (large and smaller blue)
  • Tyres
  • Parts Dumpsters
  • Metal rung climbers
  • witches hats
  • wooden barriers (Making Table area & Rubbish Corral – These don’t need to be chained/locked)
  • Plastic chair “shells” (plastic school chairs with the metal legs removed)
  • Metal wheel rim
  • Traffic Bollard bases
  • Metal flag bases (black, square, flat with ‘mount’ in the center)

…If there’s something else you think might go, let Cam know via WhatsApp

Once everything is chained up safely, post a photo to WhatsApp.


Combination Key Safe

The key to the Container is to be stored in the Combination Key Safe (in the “Tool Box” in the Staff Shelf)

It should be attached to something that is solid such as the metal railings of a fence or similar.

The code is 404 to open it. Once open it can be attached to anything. (it has been stored in an ‘open’ state).

All morning staff should have a practice at opening and closing the key-box. It isn’t hard.

First Aid Kit

All staff should familiarise themselves with the first-aid kit and where it and the folder with the First-Aid injury record are kept. Searching for these things while being watched by an injured child and anxious parent is not good.

First Aid Box Contents



Create a bin area

Using some of the wooden barriers and hazard tape create a corral for any rubbish we may collect or generate.

Make sure that the Bin Area is far enough away and out of the way, that it is obvious that it is a rubbish pile. 

Hang the banner

Hang ‘The Banner’ on the street-side of the container.

What you need:

-Think carefully about everything you do.
-There is potential for injury in this. If you are uncomfortable doing this, for whatever reason, we can make other arrangements and there will be absolutely NO question or future reference  – This is not a part of your job. It needs to be done and either we do it or we get someone from council to do it.

Two to three people

Ladder (left side of container next to staff shelves)

Banner and ropes (in IKEA Bag on top of the ‘staff shelf’

Cable Ties (inside long ‘tool box’, on top of ‘staff shelves’)

Support from the ground (make sure someone is watching and assisting either from the ground or the container) Both parties must be outspoken to each other about what is and isn’t acceptable risk.

How: (If you know already then just do it safely)

The ladder is extended to full length (see video) and placed at a good angle against the side of the container. Make sure it is sturdy.


Open the banner on the ground along the face of the container you are hanging from (Face A) and tie long pieces of rope to the holes along the top side and one in both upper corners (keep these two handy).

Place ladder at the corners on Face B of the container and tie “Rope 1” from one corner to the other (“1. Tied off” points).

Set the ladder steadily against the container and one person gets onto the container roof.

Set the ladder toward the corner of Face A and pass the banner’s corner rope (“rope 2”) through the hole on Face C  to the top corner of the container. Once the ladder has been safely removed, pull the rope through the hole until the banner’s corner is at the corner of the container. Tie it off to “Rope 1”.

Repeat at the other end and balance the banner in the middle. If necessary use cable ties to attach the banner to the corners.

Use lengths of rope or cable ties to attach the banners to the bottom of the container to ensure it doesn’t blow around.

Sanitizing Schedule

All staff should familiarise themselves with the sanitizing schedule folder and where it is located and how to sign it and what sanitizing is required.


The ladder


There is potential danger.

General Information

Staff Belts


  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Mask (Always wear,when closer than 1.5m. Replace after use)
  • Gloves (Always wear,when closer than 1.5m. Replace after use)
  • Tissues
  • Irrigation / eye wash fluid
  • Band-aid
  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Pen and pad (in the case of an incident Write EVERYTHING down, your memory won’t hold it.)

Tape Shelf (stays inside the container)

Wastecoat, Vest or apron to be worne over neat casual clothing.

I am not pleased with the current state of the uniforms but was unable to replace them due to restrictions here in Melbourne. Please do the best you can.

Always make sure you have your badge on. Names are important to kids and parents.

Spare names and badges are in the ‘Staff Misc’ Drawer.


Tool Boxes ("Long" & "Square")
Long Tool Box:

Saw, grabbit stick, hammer, long cable ties, light, a string of flags, Brushes for washing mud  off PARTS, Hack saw (for chain), pliers, grips, box cutters, phillips-head screw driver, pallet wrap, inner tube inflation device and battery, sanding block,

Square Tool Box:

Locks, Hazard Tape, string, dog poo bags, fishing line, pens, super glue, gloves, Bin Bags,

Kiddy Cutter Knives
Kiddy Cutter knives are ‘safe’ surrated knives for cutting cardboard.

They are stored in the “Staff Misc” Draw in the Staff Shelf.

Remember to return them at the end of your shift or to make sure your replacement Facilitator does, at the end of theirs.



Pipe Climbing Frame
Fan housing
Economy Play (coloured pebbles)

How to do the ‘thing’

Set up Trestle Tables
Old Trestle Tables

New trestle Tables

New small Trestle (adjustable height)


Set up and Restock the Making Table
The making table should be as open as possible.

The Making Table area is made up of:

  • Two picnic tables,
  • One Trestle Table
  • Black plastic Shelving unit
  • Adult Makers tray (on top of shelves)
  • Paper Trays and paper weights (shelves)
  • Numbered Milk Crate shelves (placed in twos, so that they do not fall over)
  • Crates of ‘household recycling’ (single crates on the ground)
  • Formal Art resources – paper, pegs, doilies etc. (in Milk-crate shelves)
  • Scissors, tape dispensers, glue sticks (In containers on trestle table)
  • 4 pump packs of hand sanitizer
  • Grey Plastic Bin (White Bin Bags are in the ‘square tool box’)
  • Broom and brush pan.

  This time we are working with minimum ‘Making’ resources, so be sure that they are restocked regularly with smaller amounts. This area needs to be carefully sanitized at 12pm and 4pm.   Here you can see the mark on the container indicating where the lid catch is. Make sure this is facing front.


Hanging the roll of gold paper.

About the Paper Trays and Plastic Shelves Top: Adult Makers


  Signage for making area: Stick these to the picnic tables. Untitled                

Regular jobs in the Making Table area: Sweeping putting away loose resources matching pens and lids

Playful Endeavour - Easter 2019 145

21.4.2019_Glebe Park_Playful Endeavour 019

A few words on maintaining the Making Table resources.


These signs are to be distributed around the Making Table area and those that will damage, need to be collected at closing.



These to be placed visibly at ‘entry points’ to the event, or centrally.

Note: the tile weights inside.

Untitled                                                   To be placed in the center of the workshop           21.4.2019_Glebe Park_Playful Endeavour 011


Our 3 flags are mounted on the black metal plates and placed close to their named location.   “Making Table”                 “Loose Parts”                “Box Office”

15.4.2019_Glebe Park_Playful Endeavour 009  


“Sorry we are closed”(in the Staff Misc Box)

If , between you, you are feeling that the space should close, for whatever reason. Get these signs , some hazard tape and then The Workshop Manager will make an announcement (If you need helkp contact Cam). Do it nicely and kindley and with the best communication with Cam, the team and with the families as possible.

“Staff Only”(in the Staff Misc Box)

For use on the shipping container and the rubbish corral.


Maintaining the 'Dirt Pile'

The dirt pile should be fairly straight forward. One of the dumpsters is filled with dirt-pile and mud kitchen type elements.

Use the metal shovel (next to the Staff Shelf) to pile up the dirt in the afternoon, to recreate a peak on the pile. Peaks are fun… hard work but fun.

Change The Trolley (2 wheels to 4)
The Injury Record

Video content to come

The Sanitizing Record

All staff should familiarise themselves with the sanitizing schedule folder and where it is located and how to sign it and what sanitizing is required.

How to Mix 'our' sanitizing spray
  1. fill the spray container to the “5 Litre” mark
  2. add 1 full 100ml cup
  3. done!


Replacing Sandpaper on 'The Block'
Refill The Hand Sanitizer
Remember to hold the tap still when turning it.

Do this outside the container so that if it spills it doesn;t stink the place out.


Making Ducting Safe
Face Masks (put on, take off and dispose)

Pack- up Friday 9th.

Pallet Wrap
Still to come

Still to come