Incursions at schools and universities, mathematics and STEM nights, holiday programs, council and local family festival entertainment and space activation,  corporate team building and holiday programs.


Our Workshops

Green Hat Workshop run and participate in various events throughout the year. We love to stay in touch with our PLANKS building community.

We advertise these events exclusively through the above email  list. Please make sure that you join up if you’re interested.

Calendar of Availability


With two collections sometimes we just aren’t able to be everywhere. This is not a live list. If you have a date in mind please CONTACT US and let us know.

What does it all mean?

Dates that are labelled with event names are public holidays and are also events we are supporting or hosting. We are usually available for bookings on these dates.

“Booked 1” means one of our Facilitators and Transports has already been booked for this date. If you are able to find a different date we’d appreciate it. Extra Fees may be applied on these days.

“Unavailable” means all our Facilitators and Transports have been booked for this date.

We are not available.


  • SPEAKING (Mathematics of block play, playing Dads, loose parts play)


  • School Incursions (Mathematics, STEM, Interpersonal skills)
  • School resource
  • Professional Development
  • Holiday program activity
  • Space activation
  • Playwork
  • Parties
  • …more





Workshops are usually billed according to time rather than participants due to the self-directed nature of our programs; please contact us to request otherwise.

Workshops in multiple locations are billed as separate workshops.

2 hours or any part thereof is $450

Full school day   $700

Half school day and evening  $1,150

GST Included.

A travel levy is applied for distances outside Melbourne, unless part of a ‘city tour’.

Please consult a direct quote before budgeting.

Quotes & Questions

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