COVID SAFE Policy & Cancellation Policy

Green Hat Workshop programs feature hands on, socially enriched play experiences, with shared resources. We do this work because it is vitally important for human wellbeing and for our future society. In light of The COVID-19 Pandemic however these valuable elements carry an increased health risk of which we are highly aware.

We are a small organisation who always do our best and have enjoyed more than a decade of truly dedicated support from families and organisations who value what we do and have been committed to supporting us through times of challenge. Our community is the best.

We call on you now to help us keep everyone safe.

If you know better, if you see something not working as it should, please let us know so that we can improve – This is really important.

Green Hat Workshop are committed to the health, safety and well-being of our Team and our community and of your family, staff and communities.

Firstly we commit ourselves to following your organisation’s relevant COVID safe practices and procedures.

We are also committed to the ongoing design and implementation of our own practices. The aim of which is to provide the safest, most practical and thorough procedures possible, in response to COVID-19.

Government Health Authority Guide-lines and information from Safework Australia have been vital in the development of the following ‘Policy and Procedure’ document which outlines our ongoing efforts towards ‘best practice’ in this new aspect of our work.


Worksafe – Safety Alert and information (LINK)

Worksafe Australia – Cleaning instructions (LINK) Center for Disease control – Cleaning instructions (LINK)

 Return to school advice from Victorian Chief Health Officer (LINK)

Incursion Cancellation Policy

– All bookings are provisional until further notice

Provisional bookings welcome any time

What’s a Provisional Booking?

Good Communication – No obligation – No deposit or Cancellation fee

Everything is possible.


Workshops can be cancelled without payment at any time in the case of evidence of local infection or unexpected changes in Government or health policy.


If your school community is unsure about hosting a Green Hat Workshop Incursion and our attached policy and procedures combined with those of your school, do not diminish fears, please be sure to have a firm decision at least a week prior to your booking date. Please make sure all your school’s stakeholders have been properly consulted to ensure your community is strengthened by our presence.


We want to support you and your school community.

Please support us in doing so.


A Green Hat Workshop Incursion

Educational – Social – Innovative

Provisional bookings welcome any time

Easy to book

No obligation – No deposit or Cancellation fee

  • A PLANKS incursion is a unique opportunity to experience shared creative, self-directed play with abundant PLANKS in a large group.
  • A Nüdel Kart incursion is a unique opportunity to experience shared creative, self-directed play with a unique resource, while contributing to providing opportunities for children world-wide.
  • Green Hat PARTS Incursion is an opportunity for your school community to trial a loose parts play-ground resource, enabling children to engage in self-directed, creative and engineering play and enabling staff to grow skills in play-time management and undertsanding in play-work philosophy. 
  • Green Hat Workshop come to you and set up in the safety of your space
  • Our unique brand of authentically engaging, interpersonal and creative play programs promote a high level of social interaction that contributes to wellbeing and goes some distance to healing the impact of isolation.
  • Our unique programs provide a memorable experience of innovation, STEM and interpersonal skills during a rather disjointed year of schooling.