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What are PLANKS?

PLANKS are dynamic building blocks designed to inspire creative minds. Identical in size and shape, and cut precisely from 100% New Zealand plantation pine, PLANKS are specifically proportioned so that,with the help of gravity and a little imagination, you can build, boats, castles, animals and robots… or even a spiralling staircase to the moon. Totally inclusive, PLANKS encourage a wonderful mix of creativity and skill, social development and imagination.

What is a Nüdel Kart?

Nüdel Kart is a deconstructable, mobile play kart that can be reconfigured in endless ways to encourage self-directed learning. It contains research-backed specially selected materials to stimulate children’s development

Nüdel Kart 4
Nüdel Kart 4

How do Incursions look?

The Green Hat Workshop Team of Facilitators are open to all manner of workshops for different purposes and work hard to taylor their presentations, timing and format to the needs of the participants in front of them at each event, rather than strictly keeping to a set plan.

The most valuable aspect of each workshop is the period of time where participants are engaged in free, self-directed play. During this time our Facilitators work hard to open up the potential learning in the activity through demonstration, question and prompted reflection.

Following are the focus and design of some of the workshops we have facilitated.

  • PARENT MATHEMATICS EVENINGS – Whole Family open ended play

A series of workshops beginning after morning recess, then an hour of open structural play in the evening with parents; sometimes with a presentation introduction or conclusive reflection that outlines the value of open ended block play in Mathematical Development.

  •  STEM / STEAM & INTERPERSONAL SKILLS  -Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics
Introduction and examples of forces and movement within the activity, warm up challenges, Free build, Reflection, Clean up.
  • HASS – Humanities and Social Studies
– A full day of city and infrastructure design with a final city building workshop.
– A conclusion to a unit of work on geography and history using the PLANKS to recreate famous historical buildings and land-marks from around the world.
  • Creative Celebration

 Short intro and long build. Just for fun.. and education. Often at the end of the school year, at a school celebration, camp or special day.

What Teachers say...

The Cheshire staff were so impressed with you and your approach to our students and we would like for you to come to our school next term and potentially each term after.

Ainslie Lamb-McCallum
- Education Support Cheshire Specialist School
Yet again, your PLANKS workshop has been one of the most successful family nights our school has run.
We had parents, students and staff all engaged in hands on learning across many curriculum areas.
The rich language associated with STEAM was being used throughout.
Anne Ablinger
Number Intervention Teacher
F-3 Maths Leader
Holy Eucharist Primary School
Thanks again for our incursion last week the kids loved it and have all said it’s the best incursion they have ever had!!

Danielle Harvey
Level 4 Teacher
Antonio Park Primary School
As a middle school group (15 year olds) we have participated in Green Hat Workshop PLANKS building over the past 4 years.  Cameron catered for our more capable students and made modifications to enable our high needs students to participate. It is an activity that our group of students look forward to each year.

Patricia Glenane
Ballarat Specialist School
We all had a fantastic time, students were so engaged and excited by the possibilities the PLANKS provided them. It was great to see every student participating in their own way and learning from each other.
The whole process has been very straightforward and professional. Congratulations on your provision of such a great incursion.
Deb Nugent
Wooranna Primary School,
It was our largest Family Maths Night for years and the parents took construction to another level with their children.
Thank you for being so accommodating to our needs and so easy to work with.
Lalor East Primary School thanks you for coming and bringing hands on Maths and Science to us in such a fun, open way.
Heather Campbell
Lalor East Primary School
Numeracy Coordinator
I have no hesitation in recommending Green Hat Workshop and PLANKS if what you are looking for is a creative, intellectual challenge that can readily incorporate team work.
Gayle Townsend
Heatherhill Primary School
One of the best incursions we've had in years.
Lynette Robberts
Principal - Tallarook Primary School

School reports / reviews

“Best Incursion ever”

-Minaret College

(link to story)

” It Was Awesome!!

-St Peter’s, Nth Bendigo

(link to story p.7)

Creativity at Work!!!

-Cana Catholic Primary School Hillside

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Hats Off!!

-Lalor Primary School

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“Best Incursion Ever”

-Minaret College Part 2

“Creativity, Mathematics, Engineering,
Interpersonal Skills and Resilience”

-St. Elizabeth’s Dandenong

(link to story, P.7)


-Overport Primary School

(link to story p.2)

” Fun Session”

-Pentland Primary School

“Friction and Gravity”

-St Albans Meadows Primary School

” In Awe!”

-Casey Grammar School

Amazing creations!

-Thomastown Primary 

” How We Organise Ourselves”

-Seaford Primary (p.7)

A Great Night Out

-Brighton Grammar School

(scroll for story)

“Respectful and Appreciative Students”

-St Benedict’s PrimarySchool

(Link to story)

PLANKS Pricing


80 Participants or less $550 and $900 nc. GST, for full school day 

81 – 250 Participants $10 pp.

251+ Participants $6 pp.


  *Travel levy applies to locations outside metropolitan areas.

Nüdel Kart™ Pricing


25 Participants or less $275 inc. GST

26 – 50 Participants $10 pp.



  *Travel levy applies to locations outside metropolitan areas.

Single Session

PLANKS Workshop

Full Day of

PLANKS Workshops

Nüdel Kart